18 Dec 2019

Music lessons!

Sisters Hospitallers know how important music is for our brain, besides being fun! One of the activities that the children in Dompoase most enjoy,  is learning to play the drum.  This activity, at first amusing, brings lots of benefits and helps to develop several skills, all of them very important when applied to our daily life.

Music improves our memory because it stimulates our brain. To learn how to play an instrument requires discipline and constancy – you need to practice every day if you want to improve.

Coordination becomes better by reading the music, playing it and paying attention to breathing at the same time. Our imagination is reinforced too and our artistic sensibility stimulated because it is one of the languages of the emotions. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety because it lowers levels of cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone”. This is because we have to focus on the present moment.

Perseverance, effort, and constancy are needed to learn how to play an instrument. These aptitudes will help us to get the most of the benefits of music, because it elevates us, revitalizes us, and transports us. And don’t forget that it stimulates the neural connections that enhance the psychomotor development of the student!

If you are not convinced, see how much fun the children in our day centre have. While some play the drum, others dance, while sisters and co-workers can’t resist the temptation to boogie. As the French playwright, Victor Hugo, said: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.”