27 Jun 2019

Our ENT Volunteer Team are back to St. Francis

A team of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialists went to Ghana to treat and provide specialist care at St Francis Xavier Hospital.
In total four doctors, from Spain, travelled to Ghana to check ENT conditions for as many patients as they could, and at the same time, they did follow-ups on people who had experienced problems in the past.

Alberto, Óscar, Carlos and Theresa provided medical care from Monday, 29th April 2019 until Friday, 3rd May 2019. During these five days, the specialists checked, in total, one hundred and eleven patients’ ear, nose and throat health. Sixty-eight females and forty-three males were seen in the hospital located in Assin Foso.


Their job is very important because there are only a few ENT specialists in this part of the country, and their visit has helped to relieve the suffering of patients who were seen during this period. The four doctors checked eighty new patients and thirty-one follow-up cases who had previously presented symptoms.
Regular visits to these specialists can help to prevent and detect numerous hearing problems and respiratory diseases. The pathologies related to hearing loss are more common than thought, and for this reason, it is important to spot them in the early stages. Unlike other medical specialists, ENT specialists are trained in both medical and surgical management of the areas they treat.

All the treatments took place in St Francis Xavier Hospital and all the patients who were seen during the ear, nose and throat specialist visit were from Assim Foso and surroundings.