23 Jul 2020

Our garden and kitchen garden is flourishing

It is so good and encouraging how we all do our bit in making our garden attractive for all. Very often we do our daily exercises in the garden, or have a tea party or simply sit to listen to the waterfall while contemplating, or reading, or having a cup of tea.

The residents help in keeping it clean and tidy as well as weeding and watering and painting the sculptures. Thanks to all for the enthusiastic teamwork!

Because all work has its reward, we were able to taste and enjoy the delicious produce from our allotment. Sr Isabel picked green beans, radish and lettuce, among other tasty vegetables. Afterwards, she prepared a succulent meal, and we must say it was scrumptious!

The first fruits of our labour! Thank God for the wonder of life. It is so beautiful to see how from a small seed such good food is produced!”