23 Sep 2020

Our lives in Corona times

Recently, the Step-Down Mental Rehabilitation Center has seen many activities brought to a halt because of COVID-19. However, routines in the unit are carried out every day with an eye on observing the health protocols put in place. Virtual forms of communication have been the norm and have proved safe in these times of pandemic.

Activities at the Center have not been the same since the emergence of the pandemic. In order to adhere to health protocols and stop the importation of the virus into the unit, some activities were put on hold as they put patients, staff and sisters at risk of infection.

However, even in times of difficulty, there can be benefits. During this period, the unit has been able to visit a greater number of patients in their homes to see how they are responding to treatment. These patients have been safe and mentally stable during the crisis and they all share the general view that ‘‘this too shall pass’’ and normality will prevail soon.

The unit is planning to reinforce safety procedures since the prevalence of the crisis is growing.

How to prevent COVID-19?

In collaboration with Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences, the National Catholic Secretariat organized a workshop for all staff from the mental health centre and the clinic. The aim was to enlighten staff on Infection Prevention Control measures for COVID-19. It was attended by all and served its purpose. We hope to see more of such initiatives.

Parties & Activities


This month has seen three birthday celebrations. Among our activities has been music therapy, which is arguably the rehabilitation session patients most enjoy. This has in many ways served as a form of relaxation to our women in times of difficulty. They are also rehearsing on video for ‘‘KUTU KUTU, JUNGA JUNGA’’ which means be strong and courageous.

Crafts and handiwork are still in progress. Patients have been able to make face masks out of fabric for personal use. Others who have an interest in crocheting and bead making are also creating bracelets and necklaces.

One negative impact of this pandemic has been an increase in the weight of patients due to lockdown. This has led staff to encourage and supervise them in exercising regularly. They have been taken through passive exercises and sporting activities to help maintain a normal weight. During this time we compete, make friends and promote good interpersonal relationships.