10 Jul 2020

Our New Normal

We are starting to allow one person per family to visit their loved one at a scheduled time and outside, weather permitting of course. This seems to be working quite well, giving our residents the opportunity to see at least one member of their family. We hope this will become more frequent if everything keeps progressing in the right direction.

We continue to wear face masks -as you will see from the photos- and whilst we accept it, you can’t help but wonder if this will carry on indefinitely because, how can our residents respond to someone when only their eyes are visible? This is not pleasant as they are pretty irritating and hot to wear especially with it being so warm! However, when we think of the full PPE worn when things were bad, this is a very small ‘ask’ in comparison so, we will see.

It is encouraging to hear on the news how things are slowly improving, with Covid-19 cases becoming fewer so allowing many things to start up again in their new normal…. which we will all get used to in time because humans were born to adjust to things no matter how difficult.


Our Activity Team are still hard at it keeping our residents entertained with the introduction of indoor football which is going down so well, along with indoor skittles and even darts! Our picnics outside have continued which is so good to see, with walks around the gardens becoming very regular too.

And we recently had a ‘guest appearance’ from our very own Ann Winchurch on the activities team. Ann normally works in the laundry and as a carer and is always a barrel of laughs! She was invited into the lounge and with true ‘Ann’ spirit entertained our residents with ‘today’s news’ followed by a good old singalong of all our favourite tunes. Our residents loved it! With many thanks to Ann and please feel free to entertain us again!