11 Dec 2020

Our very own Pirate Fancy Dress Day

Captainess Silver Toni and Shipwreck Sue threw down the anchor and landed at Footherley Hall to a ‘Ha Ha Me Hearties’ quote of the day from our resident Rosie ‘now you’re a sight for sore eyes aren’t you!’ Our Residents happily donned eye patches and bandanna’s for this delightful occasion with singing, dancing, good old karaoke, and a pirate quiz to top it all off perfectly. It was a day of ‘hearty’ fun and a complete ‘barrel’ of laughs!

With many thanks to Toni and Sue for all their time, thoughts and everything that made this day as brilliant as it truly was. Please take a look at the photos of their amazing outfits – they really were so apt and authentic. Just really super!