20 Jan 2019

Outing to Aylesford and Canterbury

On the 15th of January, the community of Addlestone went on a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Mount Carmel in Aylesford and to Canterbury Cathedral. We invited Father Martin and Brother Patrick to join us and kindly asked Father to celebrate Mass for us at Aylesford.

We arrived at Aylesford by 10.15 in the morning and reported in reception. The sacristan was called and asked to please prepare the Cloister Chapel for Father Martin to celebrate Mass. It was very beautiful to assist a prayerful Mass in this very quiet and austere little chapel.

Afterwards, we had some time for ourselves to go around the place. We then gathered again to have a cup of coffee or tea before leaving for Canterbury Cathedral.

We arrived at Canterbury at about 1 pm. In order to make the most out of our visit to the cathedral, we grabbed some video guides. It was so enjoyable to listen to it whilst visiting! As we were not in a hurry, we took our time to appreciate every single corner of this astonishing building where everything is so impregnated in history, where the murder of Thomas Becket took place and that for many centuries was a place of pilgrimage for those who wanted to visit it and pray at the tomb of the great Archbishop of Canterbury. As we didn’t want to waste time, we had our picnic lunch in the coach. We all went for a cup of tea and a scone near the cathedral and we headed home.

It was a wonderful day very much enjoyed by everyone. A long time ago, we planned to do this outing before some of the sisters were moved to other care homes -after the Provincial Chapters, there are usually changes in our communities. It was great to spend time together, pray and have fun.  We were also delighted to have been accompanied by Fr Martin and Bro Patrick, who do so much to help us at St Augustine’s Care Home. Thank you very much for everything you do for us. We thank God and Our Lady for a splendid day.