15 Oct 2020

Outing to Hyde Park

In September we were very lucky to be able to organise two outings. Groups of four residents together with Anita and Sr Isabel visited the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. On both occasions, we were blessed with lovely weather and bright sunshine – and a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy a picnic.

On arrival, we took long walks in the park which gave us the opportunity to look at the swans and geese in the lake and the green gardens and attractive flowers everywhere. Afterwards, we all gathered on a bench by the lake and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the kitchen staff in the home. Residents shared some of the food with the swans at the lake and enjoyed watching the beautiful birds eating.

We also had coffee by the lake on both visits, admiring the nice view and were treated to ice cream -very suitable for 28ºC heat. We had nice chat and the residents said that they were thrilled and so very happy to be outside in nature after the long lockdown, to contemplate and experience the peace in the gardens and to admire the beauty and the innocence of the swans and other birds playing in the lake.