8 Mar 2020

Regional Peer-Review Exercise

At St Francis Hospital, Sisters Hospitallers centre in Foso-Ghana, we hosted a central regional peer-review exercise to assess the quality of services that we provide to our patients.

The modules that were reviewed were:

  • Environment and Infrastructure
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Clinical practices
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Emergency services
  • Patient care
  • Quality Assurance and Governance.

We are very happy to announce that at the end of the exercise the facility was scored 92.4%. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our co-workers and sisters, we are providing quality services to our patients.

Chiefs at the program
Monitoring team in the Records Unit
Monitoring crosschecking Governance Documents
Dr Yamoah questioning the supervision team
Announcing scores
Team leaders for the various modules
Members of staff

Officers from the Central Regional Health Directorate at Cape Coast Ghana, health professionals from other health facilities in the region, officers from the Assin Foso Municipal Assembly and health directorate all participated in the exercise, as well as, staff and stakeholders in the town.