22 Mar 2019

Regular Activities with the Children in Dompoase

As part of their care, the children at the Day Centre in Dompoase participate in various activities throughout the month that are beneficial for their mental and physical wellbeing.

The sisters, postulants and co-workers help the children daily with some cognitive exercises and arts and crafts as part of their routine. The ages of the children vary greatly, as we care for small children, teenagers and over eighteen. However, they all get on really well and love spending time dancing and doing some sports outside. They are really good at football and it is a pleasure to see them laughing and having such a good time!

Oil Production

The Day Centre also promotes the independence of the users by doing some work-related tasks such as the production of palm oil, also referred to as red palm oil because of its reddish-orange colour.

We collect the fruit of the palm that is subsequently pressed until the oil is extracted. The oil is used mainly for cooking purposes at the centre and we also sell part of the production to the community.