4 Jul 2019

Repatraition Team at St Benedict Menni Health Centre

St. Benedict Menni Health Centre is one of the hospitals that Sisters Hospitallers have in Africa. This one is specifically located in Monrovia, Liberia. They work with people who suffer from mental illness problems.  These sufferers sometimes wander lost around the city without taking their medication.  That is one of the reasons why St. Benedict Menni Health Centre has created a special unit called “Repatriation Team”. They play a very important part of our organization because they are in charge to spot ex-patients lost in the street who need medical care and treatment.

Their goal is to trace people with mental health problems who wander in the street. It can be a tedious job because they have to do various searches before they can even find the person and later follow and talk to the person and try to convince they can provide the help that is needed for getting and feeling better.

We have one example last month; the Repatriation Team was unable to bring back one patient from the street despite several searches, but they continued without hesitance and were successful.

It was not pleasant to do, but they kept going because the reward of helping someone is greater.

The Repatriation Team.

Our unit could not develop our daily work without support. For this reason, it is very important some collaborations like the one with the Carter Centre. The representative of The Carter Center is currently working with the World Health Organization in the deployment of a survey on the drugs required by mental health facilities all over the country.

We are thankful for his support and wish him a successful career leading Carter Center in Liberia.