28 Jul 2020

Seeing our residents happy makes us happy

Sisters Hospitallers care home in London continue our Resident of the Day activities dedicated to giving each resident a day during which they can feel special and do or receive something precious especially for them.

A few examples of how the days went:

Nan’s treat was organised specifically for her likes: She had a lovely pampering afternoon with spa and music in the conservatory where Deirdre, Ann and Anita gave her a nice and deliciously smelling hand and face massage followed by sharing cheese and melon –some of her favourite foods. Nan thanked us and said touch was deeply special to her because she can not see, so she treasures any other sensory stimulation.

Ann loves being out and about and on her special day, Deirdre and Anita took her to see the beauty of the neighbourhood that surrounds us. She was happy and glowing as you can see from the photos, where she loves showing her smile. Ann thanked us for the lovely morning and said it filled her eyes and soul.

Joyce loves arranging puzzles and doing things with her hands so for her day we sat in the garden and prepared fruit kebabs for all to share. She enjoyed the colours and the smell and besides being happy preparing them, she was delighted to share them with all the residents afterwards.

Marie,  who is a gifted painter had a painting session and choose to paint a model of her hand plus some mushrooms while helping a few other residents to discover the pleasure of painting. Marion,  who is a music lover and was a member of the Royal Academy of Music, teaching piano, had a morning with Rachmaninoff, strawberries and chocolate and it made her cry – she said with happiness and sadness due to the beauty of the music and the performance. Sheila visited Greece ‘virtually’, (she had lived there for a long time) and Frank, who studied Russian in the RAF and was then a banker in Moscow for 3 years, enjoyed an interesting documentary series about Russia and Moscow.

Everyone had a special day this month and we are looking forward to the next surprises!