22 Jan 2020

Sisters Hospitallers Constitutions

Sisters Hospitallers are immersed in reviewing the congregation constitutions. It is a long process and each Province should contribute. Here in the English Province, the sisters in each centre meet regularly and discuss it and all the sisters are more than welcome to give their point of view.

We would like to share with you what the sisters in Dompoase have concluded so far. We remain committed to the reflection, study and prayer of our “book of life” and while going through the evangelical council of poverty.

  • Encouragement, to abandon ourselves to divine providence as we try to live the Vow of Poverty and be responsible with community goods.
  • The idea that living true poverty in a practical way helps us focus on the essence and purity of our reasoning of following Christ
  • Freeing ourselves of anxiety of material goods and placing Jesus at the centre and treasure of our lives. We will abandon all material goods and work tirelessly for his greater glory.
  • Emulating the lives of our founders allowing us to embrace the poor by sharing whatever we have.
  • The aspect of remodelling our lives with that of Christ, is His simple lifestyle, total trust and confidence in the Father and the generosity of sharing our resources and gifts with the poor and needy.