2 Oct 2019

Sisters Hospitallers welcome three Postulants

Sisters Hospitallers in Ghana had welcomed new three members to the Congregation. Congratulations and thanks to Almighty God for the life and the gift of three Ladies (Janet, Virginia and Benedicta)  given to us who have responded to follow Christ in the congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

They have taken their first steps into the Congregation which we call Postulancy at Dompoase. All our sisters in Ghana joined us to celebrate the day. A Holy Mass was celebrated in the convent chapel at Dompoase. Father  Kofi Addison, the hospital chaplain of Assin Foso hospital, was the main Celebrant for the special occasion. Sister Ana, the Provincial Secretary, was present as a witness for this lovely time.

During the mass, each one of the candidates read the agreement between them and the Congregation, after which their mistress Sr Cecilia Ashun put the Medal  – which has Mary and Jesus’ picture on it  – around their neck,  which symbolises that these two people are going to be their companion on their journey through the formation and forever. Let’s all support them with our prayers on their journey in order to persevere in their vocation!