16 Apr 2020

Special Certificates

Sisters Hospitallers care home in Shenstone, Christ the King, felt it is important to recognise and reward the staff for going that extra mile and so far we have given out two certificates:

A Certificate for Bravery was given to Senior Carer Megan Derry for accompanying one of our residents to hospital after they became very poorly. Testing for the virus was thankfully negative. It was a scary experience and Megan said it made her realise just how really serious COVID-19 is because it was so stressful in the hospital and Megan saw that all the nurses and doctors were under immense pressure and were literally running all over the place.  There were around 30 people in isolation at the time and every time a doctor or nurse had to enter one of the rooms they had to dress in fresh protective clothing for each room they entered and remove it when leaving that room. Megan too had to dress in protective clothing whilst at the hospital but once the family arrived Megan was able to go home.

A Certificate of Appreciation was given to Care Assistant Janet Southall for coming in on her day off to escort one of our residents to the hospital for a check-up.  Janet said what a really nice surprise it was to receive the certificate and how it showed the management is taking notice of what staff are doing. To be recognised for going out of your way to do something has shown the management’s real appreciation.

Megan and Janet were presented with their certificates by the manager, Tina, in the residents’ lounge with us all present too. Well done and thank you very much to both Megan for her bravery and Janet for giving up her day off. They are both valued and very much appreciated.