21 Nov 2019

Special visit

Sisters Hospitallers in Dompoase welcomed Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), a group of recent graduates from different universities working on contract under the Ghana Government. This is an initiative that provides opportunities for unemployed university graduates to solve social problems in the public and private sectors and helps to develop their skills, promoting economic growth in the country. Recently, it was NABCO’s first anniversary, and they wanted to share this special day with us.

It was a great occasion when they came to visit our children, bringing food and drinks. Sisters Felicia and Cecilia – together with some co-workers – welcomed the visitors and thanked them for their donations.

We are very grateful for their affection and concern and we really appreciate the merciful love they have shown to the sick. We pray for them to secure permanent jobs after the end of the contract and we are sure each of them will find their way in life.