11 Jun 2019

Sr Isabel & Sr Winnie journey to Spain

We went to Spain to take part in a course about new social technologies. It was organised by the Communication Department of the Congregation and it was for the whole congregation. It took place on the 27th and 28th of May.
The theme of the course was Training in Digital Identity and Communication Strategies in Social Networks. It was attended by twenty-six sisters from all the provinces. During our time in Spain, we visited our sisters in the residence of Los Angeles and in our clinic in San Miguel. It was so nice to see so many sisters we know and spend time with them!

On the eve of the feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we had a very inspiring preparation in the chapel of Beata Mariana. After that, all the sisters from the provincial house and the sisters from Beata Maria Ana gathered to share a great feast prepared in community gardens.
While we were having this party, three sisters arrived from Cameroon. They came to the province to learn Spanish in preparation for the Josefina. We had a wonderful evening all together!
The following day, 31st May, we had the privilege of celebrating the 138th anniversary of our Foundation in Ciempozuelos with our sisters, the residents, co-workers, many volunteers and many people who came to celebrate with us.
We had a beautiful singing celebration of thanksgiving Mass at 11:30 am, followed by Spanish wine and other activities in the garden. Later, the community and the priests, who celebrated the Mass, shared a very nice lunch together.

They showed us the hospital where we had the privilege of meeting a great number of our patients. Today was special – their feast day, as the congregation was founded especially to care for them. We really enjoyed being with them and celebrating with them.
We were also shown the new residence for the sisters, which is beautiful and also very functional.
We prayed in the little chapel of our Founders for the mission of the English province, for the sister, patients/residents, co-workers, volunteers and for all who share our mission of hospitality.
We also prayed in the little chapel of San José, the first chapel of the congregation.

We thank God and our province for giving us this wonderful opportunity to come to Spain and celebrate the wonders of God with our congregation during these 138 years of existence.