15 Dec 2016

St Augustine’s Christmas Party 2016

Sr Isabel Canton, Mother Superior at St. Augustine’s Home

Our Christmas party was on the 15th December.  It started at 11am with a pantomime organised and played by the staff and some residents’ family members. It was about the elves pulling a prank on Santa. They got him a suit which was far too small and put him on a diet before Christmas. It was fun and set the mood for the party.

We started the party with the opening of the crackers and a glass of sherry . This was followed by plenty of food all cooked by our chefs and kitchen staff.

It was great to see the staff dancing and laughing with us

Some workers and sisters dressed up in fancy costumes and went around the house singing carols. There was  a festive atmosphere in every corner of the house.

After lunch, Father Christmas came with the presents for the staff, and after tea, he gave presents to the residents. There was a lot of dancing and singing during the day.

On Sunday, 18th, there was a special Christmas party for the residents in the Alzheimer unit. It was beautifully organised by Loraine, the activities coordinator. At the end, some Snowmen threw snowballs around and the presents were given the to residents by a wonderful ‘Mother Christmas’.