6 Jun 2019

St. Benedict Menni Mental Health Centre welcomed two new patients


We Are Like You

Last month, Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Centre received two new patients, bringing the total number of women treated in the María Josefa Recio Unit to 22.

With the new admissions, 75 women have passed through our mental health centre since the first admissions in November 2017.

In May there was readmission of a patient who had already been discharged and the usual follow-up of another 41 who have been treated in our facilities and who have already returned to their community environment.

The average stay time of the patients is now 188 days.

In April we received the sad news that one of our discharged patients had returned to the streets of Monrovia, and it was not until a month later when we managed to find her and convince her to come back to the Unit.

In May, the usual therapeutic and play activities have been happening, and we celebrated with great joy the birthdays of two patients.