21 Oct 2016

St. Francis Xavier Hospital gets the highest score for the 2016 Peer Review assessment

Among 21 hospitals assessed in the Central Region (Ghana), the score of 95.9% achieved by St. Francis Xavier Hospital is the highest for the 2016 Peer Review assessment.

The Peer Review is a process of assessing the level of quality of health services in the facility in the areas of: Governance, Emergency Services, Clinical Practices, Client Care, Quality of Health Care given, Infection Prevention and Control, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment and Infrastructure. It was carried out by a team of assessors led by the Regional Peer Review Team.

Hospital choir giving a musical interlude
Emergency services team scored the facility a 100%
Management and staff celebrating after the result was announced
Management and staff celebrating after the result was announced
The sister in charge, the Emergency unit head and the nurse manager
The ushers with the nurse manager
Invited stakeholders from the community
Overall results

Professional quality is one of the main identity values of Sisters Hospitallers. The review teams from six hospitals identified our best practices with the intention of implementing them at their facilities. The weaknesses of the hospital were also identified and the recommendations made will be used to address them and improve client care.

A reception was held at the Conference Hall within the facility for the announcement of results.

What Peer Review Teams from other hospitals said:

This is a great performance but we are not surprised your hospital is always among the best in the country.
A lot of lessons and best practices learnt; we shall implement them at our facilities.
What a clean hospital and environment

What stakeholders said:

We are very happy with such an excellent performance. St. Francis Xavier Hospital has always been a trail blazer when it comes to its delivery of quality care since time immemorial.
Our health is in safe hands