27 Jan 2017

St. Teresa’s Home Welcomes New Volunteers

With the beginning of the New Year we welcomed the new addition to our lovely volunteers at St. Teresa’s Home –the junior volunteers. The pupils from St. Barnabas and St. Philips School at Kensington and Chelsea Borough visited us in January for the first time and will be joining us every other Tuesday afternoon.

They performed musical pieces for piano and violin, sang French songs to us and were being applauded by everyone. After the performance we had tea, hot chocolate and cakes together, and the pupils told us interesting stories from their daily lives at school.

They were also very sweet to share with us their aspirations and dreams for the future. Some wish to become designers or musicians, and others, doctors or politicians.

The residents were delighted to meet them and said they had a most enjoyable time. They were pleased to spend time and chat with the young pupils, and it brought a lot of memories from raising their own children.

Surprise at the Royal College of Music

On 19 January two residents –Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Nancy, and Anita attended a wonderful concert at the Royal College of Music. They listened to Grieg –Piano Concerto, and Tchaikovsky –Hamlet Fantasy Overture. Both Nan and Barbara said that it was one of the most impressive performances they had heard and felt so lucky to be able to attend.

At the end of the programme we were all delighted to learn that Barbara’s Father, who was the composer Arthur Bliss, had a room at the royal college of music named after him.

The staff members at the college were thrilled to meet Barbara and learn more about her and her father, and invited us to a special afternoon tea at the college to visit Arthur Bliss room. We are looking forward to it!