4 Sep 2020

Thank you for all the donations!

Oxygen concentrator

The Central Regional Health Directorate donated an Oxygen concentrator to the hospital to help the COVID-19 patients in our holding area who need oxygen support.

It means a lot to us during this hard time we all going through. Thanks to the donation we are going to be able to provide better care to our patients, mostly to those who could become very sick and may require oxygen to fight the virus.

PPE to protect us against COVID-19

Through the intervention of the Archbishop Gabriel C. Palmer-Buckle and the Cape Coast Archdiocese, Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson donated PPE to help the COVID-19 fight. Items: included face masks and shields, disposable gowns, gloves, safety goggles and gun thermometers.

We all need to do our best to protect ourselves and also to protect others so we are very thankful because this material will help our co-workers to be safer and provide better care to our patients.

We also received some PPE equipment from another NGO, Solidaridad, which is involved in agricultural activities and it has donated to our hospital:
Infra-red thermometer, hair covers, face and nose masks, examination gloves, face shields, overalls, gumboots, goggles, methylated spirit, sanitizer and bleach.

We’d like to express our profound appreciation to all our donors for their benevolence. May God bless and replenish all they have lost to provide us with these items to continue Christ’s healing ministry and fight COVID-19.