5 Jul 2020

The Resident of the day

At Sisters Hospitallers care home in London, we hope each resident had their moment of happiness; for this reason, we celebrate a special day for each of our residents. We continued with our special activities for the resident of the day, dedicating time to make them happy and special and organise something that they would enjoy doing. Some of our activities included:

The beautiful couple Michael and Margaret each had their special day with time spent together and with different activities organised for each of them. Michael said what would make him happy would be a special rose tea with his wife and he gave her bouquet of roses – rose by rose. It put a smile on his face and it was great to see them both so happy. And it made us feel special too!

On Margaret’s day, we had an outing with her and Michael and went to see Agatha Christie’s house a few streets from ours. It was a lovely sunny day and Margaret enjoyed walking (in the wheelchair) holding her husband’s hand. It was followed by a stylish hat party with pink and white cakes in the garden, attended by her friends and singing.

For Sheila, we organized an afternoon with her favourite things: The Telegraph, a bouquet of tulips, kiwi fruit and a documentary about Greece which she said she knows by heart but it was so nice to remember and see the place again. She said she loved that country with her husband being Greek and it was special for her to “be there again for an afternoon”.

For Ann, we took up her idea of a perfect afternoon with strawberries, a glass of wine, and Cole Porter in the garden! Ann said that was bliss!

We hope each resident had their moment of happiness in the coming months!