19 Sep 2018

Training for the Sisters of 10 Years of Perpetual Vows

Training is one of the most important requirements for sustaining one’s vocation. The Provincial Superior organised a two days’ workshop on 18th and 19th August in Dompoase for all the sisters in the English Province within ten years of Perpetual Vows which belong to the communities in Ghana and Liberia. The themes for the programme were Fraternal Life in Community, Conflict in Community and Ways to Solve them, and Friendship of God with Man.

The first day started with Morning Prayer, followed by a presentation on the topic ‘Conflict in the community and how to solve them’ facilitated by Rev. Brother Nee Wayo of Holy Cross Congregation. It helped us discover simple but concrete ways of solving and managing conflict in community and outside. There was time for questions and interactions which helped to understand the topic better.

It is important because it helps us build a community of fraternal love and solve the conflict that arises due to individual differences.

There was also Bible sharing with the Topic ‘Friendship of God with man’. Each sister was asked to take and reflect on a bible passage which portrays the friendship of God and man. The discussion was facilitated by Sisters Begoña and Lourdes. It was followed by a Eucharistic Celebration celebrated by Father Augustine Appiah.

The community also combined the day with the Birthday Celebration of Sister Claire Wama Bamana. We ended the day with a recreational dance.

On the second day, the main topic discussed was ‘Fraternal Life in the Community’ and all the young sisters were given pages to read and reflect upon it. They had to elaborate on the topics and explain how it can be applied in simple ways to our daily living. This topic was very fruitful and helped build and live our fraternal life in harmony recognising the gift of each sister.