15 Sep 2017

Twinning Agreement between two centres in Liberia and Spain

As a result of the We Are Like You project, the Aita Menni Hospital from Spain and the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center of Monrovia signed a twinning agreement which sets formal bonds between both centres and will be the cornerstone for the launching of the new mental health unit and the improving of services at the current Saint Benedict Menni Health Center.

The agreement was signed by Sr. Florence Adevor, Mikel Tellaeche, CEO of Aita Menni Hospital and Sr Mª Rosa Izquierdo as a representative of the Benedict Menni Foundation, which will assist as consultive body to both centers.

We Are Like You is a collaborative project between the Aita Menni Hospital of Arrasate – Mondragón (Gipuzkoa, Spain) and the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center of Monrovia (Liberia), both belonging to the Order of the Sisters Hospitallers.

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