28 Aug 2019

Under the UK sun


Summer!  Bright days, time to enjoy our garden and get creative. Our residents have been busy this month and didn’t have time to get bored! And nothing is more rewarding than being able to do things by – and for ourselves. Our three homes in the UK have been keeping occupied them with lots of activities and trips.

St Teresa’s Home, London

St. Teresa’s residents have been involved in lots of handicraft because for us, it is very important to keep them physically and mentally active. Crafts, baking, dancing,… – each activity contributes to developing skills and, most importantly, keeps them believing in themselves because age is just a number!

If there is one thing our residents love its music. Luckily, we had the chance to enjoy a great performance by boys from Salesian’s School in Chertsey. Many thanks to them and Joshu for delighting us with their voices and impressive instrumental aptitudes. We also enjoyed a classical concert at St Paul’s Church.

Sometimes it’s nice to do some arts and crafts and, it was nice to see how residents mix colours and personalise their work doing colouring and cards. We completed a puzzle before we had a break to have some tea, with an amazing chocolate cake that some of our residents cooked with lots of love. They chopped some fruit too, –  very refreshing, especially in summer! S well, we found some interesting movies and documentaries to watch.

Christ the King Care Home, Shenstone

Every Monday during the summertime we have a picnic, when everything happens outside,  – including lunch, thanks to our kitchen team.  There is a paddling pool for those who fancy getting their feet wet, and water pistols are provided so there was a water fight amongst a few staff with others darting out of the way! And we mustn’t forget about the bubbles blowing machine which is so pretty, plus ball games and hula hoops for those who dare – Tina, Claire and carer Alex all had a go which was hilarious!. In fact, everything you can think of for outside activities. So far our picnic days have really been enjoyed by our residents, staff and sisters, and on these days our residents all enjoy a good night’s rest afterwards too, a sure sign of a fun-filled day!

Our residents have adored a variety of activities from Friday quizzes to bingo, word searches, and crosswords.

The Friday quiz session has proved so popular,   that it’s kept has kept our activities coordinator, Sue White, busy researching and putting together a variety of questions from the history of the Royal Family to various general knowledge teasers.

Friday is also an exercise day. During the afternoon, we have seated exercise sessions and our residents like movement to music, moving arms and legs around in time to the music. The session invariably ends with us throwing balls across the room! Our residents have lots of fun and you can hear plenty of laughing and giggling from the lounge.

The residents love our classical music morning, too. We are very grateful to Stella, the daughter of one of our residents for organising these weekly sessions.  Stella not only organises the music, she also informs our residents about the history of the author and the piece of music she is playing. We also enjoyed another music-filled afternoon with the amazing Becca!

St Augustine’s Home, Addlestone

Nothing is more wonderful than spending time in our garden in summer. Well, maybe one thing -to be outside but by the seaside. Our residents decided to bring the sea to St. Augustine’s, and we had a lot of fun designing our own marine landscape. Everyone was happy making jokes, drinking, chatting and contributing to the drawing, colouring, cutting and glueing. The sun shining and the birds singing in the background, helped our creative juices to flow and imagine seashells, mermaids, dolphins, boats and starfishes.

So, even if we can’t go to the coast, at least we can bring be a bit of it to us!

As we mentioned, we love days out and have great fun visiting different places and discovering new things to do. This time we went to Bourne Valley Garden Centre in Addlestone. The weather was wonderful, and we sang on the bus.

Everyone seemed very happy and excited, and it was very entertaining wandering around and seeing the beautiful and colourful floral display, and enjoying a tasting lunch. One of our residents, Rosina, became quite emotional remembering her grandson’s birthday party at the garden centre.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip possible and especially to Friends of St. Augustine’s for continuing to support us and make our residents happy. They look forward to going back soon.

As we said, we had a very busy month!