29 Apr 2020

Up with creativity!

Can anyone think of a better way to keep our brains active right now than doing some crafts? Our residents, at Sisters Hospitallers centre in Addlestone, know the answer, and they are doing their best to maintain their normal routine.

Drawing, colouring, cutting, glueing,… and of course, a pleasant chat and lots of laughs help them to cope with this abnormal situation. Because we all are very concerned about the environment, they use recycling materials to do crafts and to decorate our care homes.

And to keep their minds even busier and more active, we continue with our bingo sessions, reading poems or singing, among other activities. Because of COVID-19, we have cancelled our entertainment sessions, but it doesn’t mean we are not having lots of fun!

Everything looks even brighter thanks to having the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful gardens. For a few minutes, they can go out and take advantage of the pure air and the sun, always following the government recommendations!

Peggy “thank God for the lovely sunshine.” “ The garden is so lovely and well kept and it’s lovely to walk around in the sunshine.”

Bernie  “I enjoy the sunshine and it makes me smile. I like the flowers, especially the  camellias.”

Susan “Lovely to see the sunshine, we must make use of it while we can.”

Margaret  “We can´t forget our morning exercise sessions, keeping our minds fit requires us to do some sports too. No excuses are acceptable, we all put on our comfy clothes and move our bodies!”