26 Feb 2020

Visiting Ganta Leprosy

We Are Like You

A group of Sisters, staff and volunteers of the St Benedict Menni Center and Aita Menni Hospital visited the Ganta Leprosy and TB Rehab Center.

Ganta Leprosy and TB Rehab Center is a facility with capacity for 150 people, where patients with leprosy and tuberculosis are treated, separated into individual wards of no more than 10 patients and totally differentiated. It has nursing units -where treatment is given to 50 outpatients per day, pharmacy, rehabilitation, crafts and prosthesis workshops.

Some of the workers are people who have suffered from the disease and after rehabilitation, they were integrated into the staff.

The centre was founded in the mid-1920s by Dr George Way Harley, an American Methodist missionary and physician. He built the Ganta Methodist Mission Station, which houses the rehabilitation centre, as well as a school, a church and the Ganta Methodist Hospital.

Dr Harley arrived in Liberia in 1926 as part of the Harvard Medical Expedition, and once he arrived in Ganta, he never left.

Ganta is the second most populous city in Liberia with a population of 45,000 people, capital of Nimba County, 275 km from Monrovia and bordering Guinea Conakry.