21 Apr 2020

“We shouldn’t lose hope”

Louis Semaco is one of our patients at St Francis Xavier Hospital in Foso, Ghana. He would like to share with us how he is living the current situation and how he is coping with it Thanks to new technologies he is in contact with his loved ones.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Louis Semaco, I’m an accountant at Fruitland Ltd at Nyankumasi near Assin Foso, a fruit juice producing company.

Is it difficult to adapt to the changes and how are you following the updates to include them in your daily life and work?

Not difficult to adapt to, I get updated via Whatsapp and the news channels like BBC and CNN.

How has your life changed since the outbreak?

It’s been a little different. I pay attention more to my environment – which I used to ignore.

We shouldn’t lose hope. This pandemic will pass and everything will return to normal.

How are you coping?

In general, I am managing the situation, although I have panicked once in a while. The main reason I passed by the hospital today was to check my temperature and ask the health workers a few questions.

How do you feel?

I am ok but psychologically I feel scared. I feel as if I have the disease. The health worker has assured me that it’s just a thought; everyone feels that once in a while due to the information overdrive that continues to give fear and panic.

Are you aware of the protocols? What measures are you taking to avoid getting infected?

Yes, I am. Washing my hands frequently, sanitizing my hands and bathing more.

What has being the most worrying thing so far?

Social distancing is a very big problem for me.

How are you keeping in contact with your loved ones?

Via calls and texting.

Is there anything you would like to share?

We shouldn’t lose hope. This pandemic will pass and everything will return to normal. We should keep praying for scientists to develop a vaccine or medicine soon.