24 Feb 2020

Welcome, Gussy & Lassie!

St Augustine’s Care Home has welcomed a new member! It is a toy cat, named Gussy by the residents. Gussy looks very realistic, and moves and sounds like a real cat. It can miaow and rollover. It is very entertaining to look at and play with.

Everyone wants to caress Gussy, they really enjoy having it in their hands! Interacting with this kind of toy has a calming effect on the residents.

We had a special visit when Lassie the dog came to visit us. Her owner, Ann comes twice a month to St Augustine’s and our residents always look forward to seeing them. For some, it is particularly special, because Lassie reminds them of the pets they used to have. It is amazing to listen to our residents’ conversations talking about their pets and how much fun they had sharing time with them during their youth.

We can’t forget that interacting with pets, real or toys, has a therapeutic effect on all of us. It helps us to engage, and our bodies produce a chemical substance that promotes happiness. Not only that, but they give you unconditional love and are good listeners! Nowadays, animals are used for therapies because of their psychological benefits.