16 Aug 2020

Who dares to challenge our residents?

Games to stimulate memory


During July we had several days when it was not possible to spend time in the garden. Instead, our residents found the rain outside very helpful for playing word search. As you probably know by now, Barry loves doing this puzzle, – he is the best and seeing how much he enjoys it, makes us push ourselves and keep learning every day.
Alice and Nancy are less ‘conservative’ and they prefer to swap the paper and pen for the IPad. They say it is very helpful if you’ve got bad eyesight.

The residents embrace new technology in a very natural way. Another example of this is seeing them playing Nintendo Wii Sports. Thanks to this, they can practice their favourite sport without making sudden movements. They have found the best way to get fit, entertain themselves and have a great time without having to undergo rigorous training. Also, it is ideal for rainy days when walks in the garden are not the best option.

Michael and Sue love playing golf, while Susan and Ruby enjoy tennis. It doesn’t matter which sport they choose, the important thing is how playing virtually helps them to activate their minds and bodies.

Traditional games


Not all of our residents prefer new technologies to entertain themselves. Some of them choose to play traditional games, which help them to socialise more indoors or outdoors.

Doing a puzzle or a jigsaw can provide the same or even more fun than a virtual game. Nancy and Maurice love them, mostly under the sunshine.

Afterwards, there is nothing better than gathering around a table and enjoying a cuppa and a piece of cake, while having a chat. These moments are the best, listening to our residents exchange thoughts, experiences and stories.