12 Jul 2020

Who’s the best?

They say that winning is not everything because it’s more important is to take part and learn something. That’s probably true, but winning does make us feel a bit happier!

At St Augustine’s we like to do our best, and sometimes we organize a contest. One of the competitions consists of Wordsearch. It is a game, a hobby and also a perfect way to make the brain work, not to mention refreshing our vocabulary. Sometimes we are in such a rush and we have the same kind of conversations, so we don’t expand our vocabulary and we stop learning new words.

The Wordsearch competition was won by Barry, who completed twenty Wordsearch in only two weeks! Congratulations Barry, you deserve the prize!

Probably you all know Ruby by now – she turned 101 recently, and we gave a big party for her. She doesn’t only look amazing, but also she keeps her painting skills intact. She won the colouring competition, and as you can appreciate in the photo, she did a great job. Well done Ruby!