18 Feb 2018

World Day of the Sick Celebrations in Assin-Fosu

At St Francis Xavier Hospital, the World Day of the Sick was a five-day celebration, from the 7th to the 11th February. We carried out different activities in order to help the sick and the community.

During the first day, we had a health education meeting as it is important that people around us gain knowledge about health. On the 8th, we paid a home visit to the sick and later during the day we prayed the rosary in the hospital with inpatients. The following day, there was a moving candle procession through the different wards of the hospital which ended at the conference hall. Once there, the room filled up with songs and praises.

Some cleanup activities were carried out on the 10th within the compound followed by a well-deserved breakfast. On the last day, we celebrated a Mass and prayed together with the sick in all the departments and concluded with a sharing of gifts for the sick on admission.

On the 14th of February, Ash Wednesday coincided with St Valentine’s Day, and St Francis Xavier Hospital had a special ‘Choconight’ with a huge raffle with as many as 50 prizes. For those who weren’t the lucky winners, there were some consolation prizes too. And we ended up sharing a delicious bar of Golden Tree chocolate!