Who are the Sisters Hospitallers?

The Congregation of Sisters Hospitallers is an international Religious Congregation providing health care to people with psychiatric illnesses, people with physical and mental disabilities, people who are elderly or suffering with dementia and people with other illnesses in accordance with our founding charism.

When and why was the Congregation established?

The Congregation of Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, founded in Ciempozuelos (Madrid, Spain) on 31st May 1881, arose as a response to the situation of neglect in health and the social exclusion of people with psychiatric illnesses of that time. In those days the traditional neglect of the sick and the lack of adequate public health care was noticeable in the lives of many people with psychiatric illnesses, of children with physical disabilities, scrofula, tuberculosis and other illnesses, who were marginalised and left to their own resources. Read more about our founders and history.

What do the Sisters Hospitallers do?

From the moment of its foundation, the Congregation has had among its primary objectives the provision of complete care and acceptance of the sick in its centres. This offer includes the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects imbued with a deeply human attitude, excellent quality of treatment and the greatest respect for the fundamental rights of the person. We aim at caring for the person in her/his entirety, working to maintain or reinsert the person into society and in defence of her/his dignity. Find out more about us.

Where do you work?

Our various canonical Provinces oversee charitable and medical work in 26 countries worldwide, including many of the poorest parts of the developing world. The English Province, headquartered in London, is involved with work in the UK, as well as Ghana and Liberia. Click here to find out about our locations and services.

Who works with the Sisters Hospitallers?

In fulfilling our mission, we count on the support of co-workers and volunteers, who, together with the Sisters, contribute with their professional abilities and personal dedication to the sick, in order to attain the objective of offering health care of the highest quality.

How can I join the Sisters Hospitallers?

There are many ways to join our mission. You can join us as a Sister, as a co-worker, as a Lay Hospitaller or as a volunteer. You can learn more about these different roles, and what they entail,  here.

How else can I support your work?

If you share our concern for the wellbeing of the sick, the elderly and the marginalised across the world, you can put your compassion into action by making a donation to our charity. All of our work relies on the generosity of kind people who give what they can to support our work. You can make a one-off donation, set up a monthly gift or remember us in your will.

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