Brain Damage

Our brain is one of our most valuable organs, as well as one of the most delicate. When the brain is injured, the resulting changes can be traumatic.

We offer multi-disciplinary units for the neuro-rehabilitation of patients with brain damage, no matter how it has been caused. Specialist staff are able to work with individuals, helping them adjust and compensate for any function they have lost.

Our approach

  • Whether a person’s brain has been damaged by head injury, stroke, or some other cause, we are here to help them adapt to their new situation and live as fully as possible.
  • We offer neuro-psychological and speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and other related medical treatments, all aimed at improving the quality of life of people with brain damage.
  • Our aim is to teach patients a ‘new way of living’ — physically, mentally and socially — often working with families as well as individuals.

Our impact

Our multi-disciplinary teams are able to show patients that there is life after brain damage, often working over long periods to guide people, step by step, towards new ways to view their lives, and themselves, after brain injury.

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