General Medicine

In many of the world’s developing countries, medical care is hard to come by. Millions of people struggle to access the kinds of basic services that westerners might take for granted.

The Sisters Hospitallers are working to fill that need, by establishing medical centres that serve large populations who might otherwise go untreated. This approach saves lives, not only treating disease when it arises but also placing a priority on nutrition, vaccination and preventive healthcare – stopping medical problems from arising in the first place.

Our approach

  • We operate [number] medical centres in some of Africa’s most deprived areas. These centres are equipped to provide a wealth of essential services – from prescribing medicine and taking X-rays to surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Other key services are often housed in these centres, including maternity, orthopaedic and mental health care.
  • In the case of a major disease outbreak, such as Ebola, these centres have a vital role to play in containing the outbreak and treating those who are affected.

Our impact

The Sisters Hospitallers medical centres, clinics and hospitals are making a very real and tangible difference in the lives of local residents. Each year, thousands of people are diagnosed and treated for illnesses that might otherwise have killed them. These centres are raising the not just the quality of life, but also the life expectancy, for some of the world’s poorest people.

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