Maternity Services

Childbirth is a natural and beautiful process, but it brings many risks, especially in countries where basic medical and nutritional needs are often not being met.

The presence of our Sisters, midwives and specialist medical staff in these countries has helped ensure the best possible outcomes for thousands of mothers and babies every year.

Our approach

  • Expectant mothers can come to us throughout pregnancy so we can check on their health as well as the health of their babies. Using state-of-the art techniques and equipment we monitor mother and child closely.
  • One area of particular focus is on preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child.
  • We remain a strong presence even after the child is born, with paediatric specialists ensuring healthy child development. Proper nutrition is a vital component in reducing rates of child mortality.

Our impact

The longer we work in these communities, the more we are seeing lasting improvement in the quality of care provided to mothers and babies. At our Francis Xavier Hospital in Ghana alone, 2014 saw us assisting in over 3,000 births.

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