Palliative Care

The end of a person’s life is such a difficult time, but we believe that it does not have to be filled with anxiety and unnecessary suffering. That is why we provide palliative care in many of our medical centres around the world.

Our approach

  • We work closely with each individual patient to minimise their physical discomfort in the final days and hours.
  • Beyond the physical, we also help them come to terms with the psychological realities of death, providing them with compassionate care that looks after them mentally and spiritually.
  • It’s not just the patients themselves, but also their nearest and dearest, who value our palliative care approach — we make certain family and friends receive whatever support they need.

Our impact

Death is a sad certainty, but suffering is not. Our palliative care teams put their belief in the power of Hospitality to work with each and every patient, transforming their final days and making sure their needs are met at every step.

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