Psychiatric/Mental Health

In many countries around the world there is still a powerful stigma attached to mental illness, and it causes a great deal of anguish and suffering to a great many people.

In the spirit of Hospitality, so powerfully embodied by our founder, Fr Benedict Menni, we give acceptance, understanding and real help to those who are living with mental illness, and who may have nowhere else to turn.

Our approach

  • We offer not only outpatient help but also day centres, places where people with a range of mental difficulties can come to feel welcomed and understood.
  • By providing these patients with education and vocational training, we can ensure that they have the best possible chance at an empowered, independent life. Our goal is to reintegrate people, as much as possible, into their communities.
  • The rehabilitation process is extended to family members as well as the individual themselves. By reaching wider and raising awareness, we can spread a new message of acceptance.

Our impact

We act with compassion and understanding towards people with mental illness. By doing this, we are slowly bringing about a lasting cultural change that will put an end to centuries of misinformation and exclusion. Increasingly, people with mental and psychiatric illness are able to live fulfilling, productive lives.

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